Most of the best cuisines of the world had existed in their boundries and progressed within it but Turkish cuisine is totally opposite of it. We notice that Turkish naton who was living in normadic style in Middle Asia had a cuisine based on meat and similar. The change of the location and the religions and the relations with Middle Eastern culture did include veraities of meat meals and the desserts with sorbe to the cuisine. Reaching to Anatolia with a great mosaic of culture and having the stable life with the non muslim Anatolian people did give a change to cuisine to reach its peak with Ottoman Empire like the meat meals flavored  with fruits, olive oil straters, mezes, the desserts with sorbe and milk products.

As being the Prime Cappadocia Suites, our main goal is providing you the delicies of the Turkish cuisine which had been formed in different geographies and through the tunnel of the history..